Arthur Fétiveau

Junior Full-Stack Web Developer

About Myself

First year Software Engineering Student at University of Ottawa, starting September 2020. I started programming about 7-8 years ago with HTML and CSS and now mostly Ruby on Rails and Python projects. I am also in the progress of learning more of Javascript and its libraries. I am always willing to learn news things !

I am also very involved in the makers' community, by volunteering and working at UOttawa's makerspace for more than 4 years and going to different makers meetups around Ottawa. I love 3D Printing and laser cutting as well as working on electronics projects like making RC Airplanes and drones!

On my free time, I love travelling, doing flight simulation (And hopefully soon get my pilot license) and aviation in general. I also love programming and playing with Raspberry PIs, 3D Printers and Laser Cutters.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Basic Knowledge of JavaScript
  • Ruby / Ruby on Rails
  • Python / Flask
  • Basic Knowledge of Java
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB (Soon)
  • Linux Server Management (Apache, Nginx, Passenger)
  • Versioning (Git, GitHub, GitLab)

My Work

This website is used by the University of Ottawa's makerspace to track the numbers of users in the space, as a project library for courses, to control the volunteer program, to order 3D Prints and Laser cuts and more.


My contributions:

  • The Print Order System
  • Linkedin badge system
  • Migration from Rails 4.2 to 5.2
  • Migration for PaperClip to Active Storage's Mobile Home Page

Makerepo's mobile homepage
Remote Printer

Remote Printer is a Raspberry Script made to control 3D Printer with the Google Assistant. This helps for different use cases : Maintenance (Easier with hands free operations to change temperature, extrude filament ...), Accessibility (People with disabilities can do some actions more easily) and many other operations ! It is part of a group of project called OctoRGB which groups different projects I made around the maker's community

Google Assistant Logo

Remote Printer uses Python with the Flask and Flask Assistant libraries to control the server part and answering the queries with the help of Ngrok (To make a secured tunnel from the server to Raspberry Pi), OctoPrint to control the 3D Printer and Dialogflow to control de Voice Assistant side of the app. The client part is available with a few scripts and minimal configuration, the server part can either be used with my personal server or the user's server, all the instructions are available on Github.

Example of conversation with the Assistant

Remote Printer example OctoRGB's Logo
Transaction Tracker

Transaction Tracker is a Ruby on Rails website made to track spending and earning history by categories. You can input different custom categories and your different transactions and see your monthly or yearly spending and earning easily


Transaction Tracker Home Page

Transaction Tracker Mobile Home Page
Spotify Playlist Organizer

The Spotify Playlist Organizer is a little website that lets you change the order of the spotify playlist once you connect to your spotify account! It's can be useful for events if you want to put tracks at specific times ! It duplicates the base playlist in the order you choose so you don't loose the old order


The Spotify Playlist Organizer uses Python with flask and HTML to create the page, it uses a the spotify api to get the tracks and playlists and to re-create the new playlist at the end of the process ! Everything in the spotify account is secured with the oauth token given when you connect your spotify account to the app.

OAuth Spotify Login page

Remote Printer example

Contact Me

You can contact me by email, My resume is available here in english and here in french.



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